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Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted Reproductive Technology law, also called ART Law is a relatively new area of law. ART laws can be complicated, and they are constantly changing. ART Law is a newer area of law and remains highly unsettled in many states. Further, the science and technology behind ART is constantly changing.

Gestational Surrogacy arrangements are legal and recognized in certain states. In these States, both the Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) must be represented by their own attorney while entering into their contract (the Gestational Carrier Agreement). Jessalyn can guide either the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) or the Intended Parents through the legal process of Gestational Carrier Agreements and the Validation process.


Adoption is an exciting way to grow your family. However, adoption law is very complex. If you are considering adoption, feel free to call for a free consultation to help gain a better understanding of the adoption process. There are different types of adoption, which include infant adoption, DHS adoption, stepparent adoption, and even adult adoption. Jessalyn cares about your adoptions concerns and works to help make the process as smooth as possible for you.


Child guardianships establish legal custody of a child to a non-parent. This can happen when the parents are unwilling or unable to have custody of their child themselves. If parents are not in agreement with a guardianship being put in place over their child, a court can decide that the parents are unfit and enter the guardianship over the parents’ objection. Parents can also voluntarily enter into a guardianship.

Adult guardianships can be put into place as a person becomes incapacitated or no longer able to care for themselves. Guardianships can also be used when a special needs child turns 18, making them an adult.

There are many reasons a guardianship may become necessary. If you feel like a loved one is in a situation that calls for a guardianship, please call today. Jessalyn can help you to make an informed decision on whether to move forward with guardianship and help walk you through the legal steps to put the guardianship into place.

Estate Planning

There are many things to consider when putting an estate plan into place. Filling out on-line forms can do more damage than good when it comes time to distribute your estate upon your passing. Jessalyn is an experienced estate planning attorney who can help to make sure your affairs are in proper order pertaining to your wishes.

Business Planning

If you are considering a new business, there are many things besides just opening up shop that need to be put into place to help protect you and your business. Jessalyn has experience with business formation and would love to help make your dreams become your realities. Call today for a free consultation.